Kyle Thompson, Everyone’s Talking About What He Did. When You See This, You’ll Understand Why.

TEXT:  PHOTO’s: Kyle Thompson

A couple of years ago, Kyle Thompson became interested in photography. Unfortunately, his anxiety prevented him from talking to people, so he opted to experiment with self-portraits.

He would spend hours, even days, walking alone through forests and exploring abandoned houses. He’s been to over 50 of them. After taking hundreds of photos, he posted some of his best to Reddit. From there, his life changed forever.

During college, Kyle was interested in photography but had no idea what to do with his life.



He didn’t think he could survive as an artist.


This photo was taken with the use of flour. Yes, flour.


His work is incredibly unique. When he took these photos, he had no idea that his talent would change his life.


Yes, more flour.


After posting some of his work to Reddit, it got over 4 million views.


He said he was even recognized in public.


After his work went viral, Kyle decided to dive into photography full time. He even quit his job delivering pizzas. Good choice.


Kyle’s unique self-portraits were captured with a Canon 60D, a 50mm 1.8 lens, a tripod, and a timer.

He is now living his dream as a photographer. His work can be seen in multiple magazines. You can visit Kyle’s sitelike him on Facebook, or check out his Flickr account.

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